Friday, 17 February 2012

Customized Paper Cake in small size.
Specially produced for  Sambutan Maulidur Rasul.

The paper cakes in three pastel colors:
L-R Light Lilac, Light Rose, Light Citrus

Messages on round scallop cut-outs in matching colors add that personal touch

Customized Rainbow Paper Cake in large size.
Made with tender loving care for a Darling Birthday Girl
who wanted to share the colorful pieces with all her Kindergarten friends

RM10/piece with carefully chosen contents for boys and girls

These paper cakes were pasted with heart scallop cut-out
with special message from Darling Birthday Girl
and arranged like a big round cake with paper floral decoration in the middle

Monday, 6 February 2012

Specially Ordered WED Products, Made With TLC

Wedding Favor (WED Clover Box)
Made with tender loving care at RM2.50/each
Fold-it-yourself is priced at RM1.00/piece
(More than 1000 pieces = RM0.90/piece)

Wedding Favor (WED Paper Cake)
Made with tender loving care at RM4.00/each

Mengkuang Box in variety of colours
(Specially ordered VIP gifts for a charity event. This box  was used  to  put  a holy Quran)

Angela Chocolate Box
(Gift for a Baby Girl. Filled with one piece of onesie and a pair of shoes)

Angela Chocolate Box
(Gift for a Baby Girl. Filled with one piece of onesie and a pair of shoes)

Specially ordered gift for Secret Santa event
(Gift filled with a pair of Uniqlo t-shirt and Celebration chocolates)

Faisal Carry Bag
(Gift for a Birthday Girl. Filled with two pairs of Uniqlo t-shirts)

Saud Take-out Box
(Well wishes gifts. Filled with a pair of Uniqlo t-shirt)

Faisal Carry Bag
(Get-well-soon gift for a boy)

Friday, 18 November 2011

WED Party Packs Deluxe

Our WED Amber Handbags are given fun and lively look with characters that children adore.

Stationery set in a zippered pencil case or stationery set and a purse are tokens that make up our WED Party Packs Deluxe. There's still space for candies, chocolates, balloons and party blower to complete the party pack.

Available characters are Spongebob, Angry Birds, Smurfs, Cars, Ben 10, Hello Kitty, Disney Princesses, Dora The Explorer, Mickey Mouse & Friends, Thomas & Friends and Winnie The Pooh.

All the sets can be customized with the birthday child's initial and each set carries a price tag of only RM15.

WED Party Pack Deluxe - Spongebob

WED Party Pack Deluxe - Angry Birds

WED Party Pack Deluxe - Cars

WED Party Pack Deluxe - Ben 10

WED Party Pack Deluxe - Hello Kitty